Designed and made in Italy

Our porcelain slabs and tiles are designed and made in Italy with sustainably and ethically produced materials.

One-stop-shop in NYC

Our showroom is a one-stop shop for infinite applications, including floors, walls, and countertops, indoor and outdoor.

In-store experts

Get personalized 1:1 assistance with design questions, material selection, and technical applications. 

Florim is B Corp certified

Our choices are oriented towards creating more value for people and the environment. We voluntarily offset the CO2 emissions of our CarbonZero collections.

Materials for every project

The ultimate balance of style, price and quality plus a wide range of materials, formats, and looks.

In stock

In stock and ready to ship tile, as well as exclusive shipments from Europe in as little as 5 to 6 weeks.


Living spaces need to keep up with the pace of everyday life. That means functional surface options that look good, hold up to wear and tear and are easy to clean. Florim’s tiles and slabs are durable, easy to clean, and sustainably produced with eco-friendly materials. They are available in a wide variety of looks -from marble to concrete and beyond- and a wide variety of sizes, including oversized magnum slabs.

Bathroom tile

Offering a perfect balance between simplicity, attention to details and warm atmospheres, Florim porcelain surfaces are ideal for baths, on walls, floors and vanity tops.

Outdoor pavers & tile

The Florim range of outdoor tiles combines design, sustainability, high performance and flexibility.

Kitchen tile & countertops

Porcelain surfaces in the heart of the home that evoke familiar shades of wood, marble or stone on backsplashes, floors and countertops.

Other living spaces

The wide range of design-led finishes supply long-lasting options for floors and walls to suit any style.

Browse by effect

Marble looks

Marble, a "timeless" material, and amongst the most appreciated in interior design, meets with today’s most innovative technologies to give life to a new high-performance product with a unique aesthetic impact.


Stone looks

Florim porcelain stoneware flawlessly mimics natural stone textures and expands its range of colors while providing superior performance.


Cement looks

Suitable for both floors and walls, cement-effect stoneware has a modern and metropolitan soul that is suitable not only for domestic settings, but also for public and commercial spaces.


Wood looks

Surfaces in wood-effect porcelain stoneware are perfect for those who love the warmth and elegance of natural wood, but appreciate the durability, ease of use and high performance of porcelain stoneware.


Terrazzo looks

Dynamic depth. Florim's terrazzo-effect designs charmingly play with speckles of texture and color to create a whimsical yet elegant surface full of nuance.


Metal looks

Brilliance and richness. Discover the mineral charm of metal-effect porcelain and its striking iridescent surface.


Monochrome looks

Color speaks for itself. Choose from bright or subdued hues, glossy, matte or textured surfaces.


Fabric looks

Textured design. Recreate the elegance of fine fabrics such as linen and silk with the unmatched strength of porcelain tile.



A range of sizes up to 63"×126" and 1/4" thick, in a wide variety of looks and textures for all intended uses: floor and wall coverings, ventilated facades, and indoor and outdoor furnishings.

Our large format surfaces combine beauty with outstanding technical performance, thanks to our over sixty years of experience in product-oriented research. Our slabs are resistant to chemicals, do not get stained and are easy to clean. They are waterproof and durable, resistant to scratches, high temperatures, UV radiation, thermal shock and mechanical stresses.

FLORIM stone is our specialized brand for kitchen and bathroom countertops, as well as furnishing projects. FLORIM stone offers a single large size -63"×126"- available in three thicknesses -1/4", 1/2", 3/4"- to best respond to stresses and breaking loads, guaranteeing attention to detail and the absolute beauty typical of Made in Florim products.

Unlike materials like quartz or natural stone, Florim stone slabs are manufactured sustainably with eco-friendly materials and processes.

Florim @ Milano Design Week 2024

Milan Rho fair
Hall 24 S.Project – Booth G02-G03
April 16th - 21st
from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Florim Flagship Store, Foro Buonaparte 14
April 15th - 21st
Mon. from 12 PM to 7 PM
Tue., Wed., Thu. from 10 AM to 6 PM
Fri., Sat., Sun. from 10 AM to 7 PM

Spazio CEDIT, Foro Buonaparte 14/A
Mon. from 12 PM to 7 PM
Tue., Wed., Thu. from 10 AM to 6 PM
Fri., Sat., Sun. from 10 AM to 7 PM

Florim unveils its vision for design and the future of project development amidst the captivating backdrop of the Salone del Mobile fair and the newly renovated spaces of its Flagship Store at Foro Buonaparte 14, both masterfully designed in collaboration with Matteo Nunziati.

At Salone del Mobile, CEDIT  introduces "The Art of Creative Encounters":  unprecedented combinations of the brand's iconic collections. Through engaging dialogues among diverse textures, unique "compositional duets" are born, and masterfully interpreted in collaboration with BRH+ | Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò.


For architects and designers

Our team of professionals accompanies architects and designers in every phase of their project. We assess your requirements in detail and advise on the use of one or various products, depending on its characteristics and the type of application: flooring, cladding, countertops, or facades.

We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation and look to partner with designers who share our values and commitment to the environment and society.


Our commitment to sustainability



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